Ryan Duran

Journalist and Blogger from Seattle, Washington

Name Ryan Duran
Birthday June 2, 1982
Location Seattle, Washington, United States
Languages French, English, Spanish
Phone 206.464.2232
Website https://www.ryanduran.com/
Email ryanduran2232@gmail.com

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Ryan Duran

Welcome to my personal website, I try my best to keep my work life and home life separated so this site is just going to be a simple page about me. I received my degree in Journalism and English from Stanford University in 2009 and have been working as a journalist and freelance blogger ever since. I specialize mostly in the tech sector and have written hundreds of pieces in the past 8 years and continue to publish every day between my blogs, employer and twitter. If you'd like to get a hold of me or have an idea for a story, click on my Contact Me link to get a hold of me.

June 2009 - Present


Freelance Journalist and Blogger

Throughout the years, I've made my own tech blogs and have a loyal following on Twitter and Tumblr that read my articles on new product reviews and demos, if you have a product or service that you'd like reviewed, feel free to contact me.

December 2014 - Present

Seattle Post


Published writer for various pieces in the Seattle Post, most articles are specific to new and upcoming technology with a particular interest in drones and automation technology.

Sep 2005 - Sep 2009

Stanford University

Writer and Student

During my tenure at Stanford University, I started to write for the campus newspaper, conducting interviews and overseeing publishing and advertising of our paper.

Ryan Duran

Seattle, Washington, United States

Web: RyanDuran.com
E-mail: ryanduran2232@gmail.com

Telephone: 206.464.2232
Mobile: 206.464.2232

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